Deliver the big picture by attending to detail.

For programme managers

Get spatially-intelligent project plans, constantly updated from the best data available, to direct scarce resources (survey, clearance, construction). Leverage optimisation and routing algorithms to plan at scale and free you to monitor and direct.

For clearance or construction contractors

Know that each task you get is the result of an intelligent plan that understands danger areas, safe routes, clustering of tasks and is based on the latest information.

For citizens

According to a report into de-mining in Mozambique:

…researchers ran simulations to estimate what difference a more systematic approach to de-mining would have made to Mozambique’s development during the 1992–2015 period. They explored what would have happened if de-mining had followed a directive to clear the three main development corridors first – those connecting the ports in the South, centre and North of the country with the interior; then the major highways and other paved roads; and finally the rest of the country including unpaved roads and trails. The results were striking:market access would have doubled in the first decade, helping the country to recover at a much faster pace from the devastating civil war.

London Business School

Remeody has been developed to do exactly that – to help people “build back smarter” by using a GIS-powered approach to restarting key infrastructure.